Off Broadway (Monthly) is a fresh concept that will coordinate special programming with local theater houses, historic venues and cinema screening venues in the Historic Core and Broadway corridor of Downtown Los Angeles.

The event will encourage the public to visit these facilities on this one day a month to receive significant discounts on plays, operas, live performances, art performances, theater and the cinematic arts. The venues will offer steep discounts with specials tailored to a new theater audience in order to introduce new patrons to the venues and the entertainment type. The main goal of this event is to help in the revitalization of Downtown and activate underutilized venues. The Event will center on the LATC (Los Angeles Theater Center) and will work in partnership with other locations, with LATC as the center of information. The event is planned to run on one night (Third Thursday) from 6pm-9pm, with all venues featured on a map and on a website.

The new event will encourage the exploration of Downtown as a whole and will become an economic engine to keep the revitalization momentum in Downtown Los Angeles. This event will vary in cost, some programming will be free and most will be discounted, otherwise it will operate from fees collected and from sponsors.